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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Angie Sandow aka Lefty. I am a motorcycle lover and rider, musician, inspirational speaker and blogger. My intent is to share my story with you and along the way, to learn yours. When you see me out there on the road or at a Timmy’s having that donut that I’ll probably bitch about eating to my hubby later on in the day, please stop by and introduce yourself. 


Tales of Determination

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Tales of Determination


When you see me riding by on my Honda Rebel 300, Honda Shadow 750 or Honda CTX DCT 700 and give me the customary biker wave or salut, you will not get one from me in return. Please know that I am in no way ignoring you. In fact, I most certainly will acknowledge you as a fellow biker - it’s just that my wave is different than the traditional 2 fingers pointed to the ground at a 45 degree angle - my salut is raising my right arm. 

Sure, it might look like I’m giving you the finger since I wear a black leather glove and only 1 finger tends to protrude from my biker jacket - but believe me, I am not telling you to take a hike. I am thrilled to be able to greet you, my fellow biking brothers and sisters - I just do it differently.

Now back to - why do I wave at fellow bikers with my right arm?

I came into this world many years ago with a congenital birth defect to my right forearm. and other interesting differences, some which are easily visible, some not so much. Unique from the start, while growing up in Montreal, Quebec (no I am NOT a Habs fan!) my parents always encouraged me to do anything that I set my mind to. I always found and continue to find a way.

I am a sports nut and have played hockey, football and baseball. 

I love music - some of you may have even seen me perform - I was “Angus” in an AC/DC Tribute Band called BARE RUMP which I formed in 2000 with my hubby. We performed at a variety of biker events including Ride For Sight for many years.

Sure, it was a great band however my main motive was to use it as a vehicle to demonstrate to people what one could achieve. As I used a prosthetic to play guitar, I wanted to help others realize their dreams - to make people laugh and have a good time while spreading the message that we are all unique and that we should not judge each other based on appearances.

I have since retired BARE RUMP and now sing in a classic rock band called LEFTY AND THE GOONS ( We perform throughout Ontario however not so much in the summer - it’s riding season!!

When I was around 5 years old, my sister was dating a motorcycle rider and racer. I recall that he used to race at Sanair in Saint-Pie, Quebec and Daytona, Florida.

I never got to see him race however I DID get a ride around the block on his motorcycle in the late 60’s. I recall being told to put on a pair of jeans and a jacket despite it being summer. I was given a white full face helmet to put on my head and off we went - I recall waving at my friends as we went by and feeling so cool. How disappointed I was when we returned to the house so quickly!!

Seeing this, his buddy offered to give me a ride on his motorcycle. Off we went again.

That was it - it was over in a flash however it got into my blood and never left. As soon as I was old enough, I pleaded with my parents to get me a motorcycle. I knew that there had to be some way that one could be modified seeing as I only had a left hand. We compromised and I got a moped.

Bright yellow. I remember that I had to mix the oil with gas before putting the mixture in the tank. I took the measuring of each component very seriously. I also had to look good. I had a maroon full face helmet with a dark shield - black leather pants and a black leather jacket with fringes. I was in my mid teens in the 70s - I HAD to look the part!!

I rode that thing into the ground. I recall making sharp turns leaning with my knee nearly touching the ground because I was a motorcycle racer (in my mind). The thing went approx 40km/hour and I pushed it to the limit.

Then one day, came THE hill. I was riding to school which was in a hilly part of the city. Off I went - everything was fine until THE hill. It started off okay, but as I approached the midpoint, the moped (racing bike in my head) started to struggle - it lost power - the city bus behind me was not impressed - nor was the 10 speed bicycle rider who passed me with no issues despite my pedaling like mad, begging the moped to get to the top of

THE hill. I did make it - soaked - but I knew that I looked good - in my black leathers and full face helmet - with dark shield.

I recall visiting a motorcycle store shortly thereafter without my parents knowing. I met with a sales rep and he showed me a scooter saying that I should consider buying one. I wanted a motorcycle, however was told that there would be no way to modify it to accommodate my needs.

I remember being down and discouraged. The moped had been fun but after being passed by a bicycle, I knew it was over. The love affair had ended.

Then I was 16 and got my driver’s license. The car with its stereo became my world. Driving around the city blasting LED ZEPPELIN - I still got occasional rides on the odd motorcycle however the dream had died. It would never be possible. 

Or would it?



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