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Welcome Guys and Dolls, to the ever-confusing ramblings of a life half-assed. L’il Red’s Country is all about you and me, the everyday rider. From the accountant on the Indian Chieftain, the plumber on the V-Star, the housewife on the HD Sport, the mechanic on the Kawasaki sport bike, and the writer on the Softail (I have a gator seat, that should now make more sense), making friends with clubs and groups alike. The roads travelled taking us down the twists and turns of rides, and of life itself. Finding the hidden gems that recognize the true value of the loyal biker. I’ll be honest, some of my stories involve specific bikes, as I’m an avid peeper of other’s rides and works of art. To the places we’ve been, the places that we’d like to go. The spots that cater only to us riders alike. Memorial rides, charity rides, festivals, ferry rides and yes, even just for a three-hour ride for food! Yes, food is one of my favourite ones, but be warned, I’m like a child where my eyes are bigger than my stomach, and when a kid’s plate should be ordered, I go for the man’s feast! Don’t even get me started on the chocolate shops, candy stores or bake shops that cater ass and hips alike. Even the odd ride that I’ve taken, simply because I’ve had to deal with an asshat today and the ride itself is keeping me outta prison. 

Be warned, I’m far from graceful and when it comes to common sense, there will be times that you wonder how I’m allowed to walk around in public life without having a special little helmet made just for me. Yet humour is all part of the package. God help you if you put a mic in my hand at your event. 

I’ll occasionally mention the jetskiis (hey, toys are toys and in all fairness, jetskiis should’ve been called watercycles!) 

While most of my riding involves my boyfriend Mike and a group of our buddies, who you’ll come to know and love, there is also groups of women riders that I’ll jump in with and create havoc far and wide (especially since some in this group of strong, independent women are so far directionally challenged that we should be able to claim some tax credit!) I myself have been known to head for home, yet somehow ending up 30 minutes in the other direction. Yet it’s ok, cause I’m on my bike!

With events from one side of Ontario to the other, there’s never a weekend where something is not going on. Canada itself has such a huge riding population, and now with friends in the U.S., and women’s riding groups as far as Brazil and Sweden, we’re gonna try to cover the map. 

My intention is to feature our vast array of friends, share some funnies, feature some events, and in all hopes, share some of these adventures on videos for the folks that didn’t make it out, or even for the need to watch something to make you laugh (or spew coffee outta your nose, honestly, it’s all relative).

With an occasional note of serious, I hope to meet many more of you, to share a laugh, share a story and share the ride.  

So, throw your leg over, grab your handlebars and hold on tight! This’ll be quite a ride!



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